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Car rent and a car rent in Odessa with the driver and without.

Car rent and hire in Odessa with ore without driver, "Master Car". Company proposes a great variety of automobiles produced by such world leading producers like HONDA, TOYOTA, NISSAN, LEXUS, INFINITY, HYUNDAI ets.


Mercedes Benz GL450: 240 usd / 1-3 days

Infiniti Q70: 190 usd / 1-3 days

Infiniti FX35 2012: 133 usd / 1-3 days

Infiniti G37 3.7 AT: 140 usd / 1-3 days

Lexus RX350: 105 usd / 1-3 days

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: 105 usd / 1-3 days

Land Rover Range Rover: 150 usd / 1 hour

Mercedes Benz Sprinter: 91 usd / 1-3 days

Mercedes Benz Vito: 84 usd / 1-3 days

Lexus SC430: 84 usd / 1-3 days

Hyundai Santa Fe: 110 usd / 1-3 days

Hyundai Tucson: 100 usd / 1-3 days

Nissan X-Trail: 63 usd / 1-3 days

Honda Accord 2.0 AT: 63 usd / 1-3 days

Hyundai Sonata: 80 usd / 1-3 days

Hyundai Creta: 80 usd / 1-3 days

Hyundai Elantra 1.8 AT: 49 usd / 1-3 days

Hyundai i20: 39 usd / 1-3 days

Hyundai i10 AT: 38 usd / 1-3 days

Hyundai Accent 1.6 AT: 32 usd / 1-3 days

Mitsubishi Lancer IX: 1.6 AT: 25 usd / 1-3 days

Nissan Almera: 2007 1.6 AT: 25 usd / 1-3 days

Nissan Sunny: 28 usd / 1-3 days

Chevrolet Aveo: 35 у.е. / 1-3 days

Chevrolet Lacetti: 1.8 AT: 35 у.е. / 1-3 days


Advantages of "Master Car":

  • a wide choice of automobiles by the most popular Models and Brands only
  • All the automobiles are equipped with Auto gear box and Air conditioner
  • Possibility of automobiles reservation on the phone only
  • Adaptable system of sales depending on renting terms and as for the necessity of renting terms changing's
  • Regular customers are suggested 20% sales
  • All the automobiles are equipped with system navigation
  • All the automobile, units, joints and details are marked
  • Possibility of renting an automobile either with or without a driver no matter which class of car you prefer
  • All the automobiles are new and there is a constant keen control over their technical and aesthetic condition ,that guaranties to you a highly qualified services and saves your time

From the beginning of activity in 2005, the company keeps to international standards of giving the row of services in automobile renting and hiring in Ukraine and out of its borders

All our automobiles are insured from damages, driving away, accidents, responsibility as for the third party.

Everyone who values his/her own time, comfort and top service, uses particularly our services and never addresses to other companies services in following.


For the clients comfort we' ve arranged a system of reservation, that gives a client all the possibilities to book an automobile beforehand and in time.